Conditions of sale


Purchase orders are accepted upon the following conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing by both the Purchaser and the Supplier.


(1)       R&M Plastic Products Ltd.  (hereinafter “R&M”) guarantees the material to be as indicated in our quotation or an equivalent.


(2)       This order is made subject to credit approval; otherwise, terms shall be cash with order.  Any accounts past due over 45 days will have their terms changed to COD. Any accounts past due over 60 days will automatically go to a collection agency. The purchaser will be held responsible for any and all legal or collection fees if the debt exceeds credit terms, and agrees to pay 2% per month on outstanding balances.


(3)       Liability to R&M is limited to the extent of the value of the product only. We accept no liability for loss or damage caused by lack of instructions from the purchaser, strikes, or other industrial disputes, accidents, or any cause beyond our reasonable control.


(4)       All dies will be kept in our plant at all times, and will not be released unless R&M approves/account is in good standing. We guarantee to keep dies in good condition at all times, save from wear caused through prolonged use, when modification may be necessary at customers’ expense.


(5)       We guarantee to run sections at no greater than commercial tolerances, as set out in Extrusion Standard and Tolerance BS ISO 3302-1:2014I. Copies of the standards are available upon request.


(6)       No goods shall be returned without the written consent of manufacturer. Damages, quality issues and/or shortages must be reported within 14 days of receipt of goods. Restocking fees of 30% will be applied to goods returned within three months of purchase date, after authorization and verification of quality by R&M; shipping is the responsibility of the customer; special orders or special colour may not be returned for restocking.


(7)       Drawings submitted by ourselves are our property and may not be copied or loaned out without written consent.


(8)       Purchaser agrees to accept and pay for shipments of quantities plus or minus 10% purchase order.


(9)       In the event of a cancellation of a purchase order, or blank purchase order, the customer agrees to pay for all raw materials ordered or product produced up to the date that the cancellation was received by R&M.


(10)     Notwithstanding anything contained in documentation provided by an Ordering Entity, the provisions of the R&M Plastic Products Ltd. Terms and Conditions contained in this Order Confirmation shall prevail and shall not be modified by any language in the Ordering Entity’s documentation. The governing law shall be the Province of Ontario. The acceptance of a shipment from R&M shall act as a complete estoppel to any language in an Ordering Entity’s documentation, which could be construed to object to, alter or modify in any way the provisions of this R&M Order Confirmation.