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  • Plastic dock bumpers to protect boats when tied to docks
  • For more information please visit www.dockarmor.com



Cathode Strips

  • Plate pack protectors for the mining and smelting industry



Cotton Swab Sticks

  • Plastic sticks used for cotton swabs



Deck Cap

  • Placed between the joists and the deck boards on your home or cottage deck to protect water from collecting between the boards which causes rot



Drinking Straws

Please visit our R&M Drinking Straws site: rmstraws.com


Garage Door Seal

  • Seals for the bottom of garage doors

Glide Strips

  • Plastic strips for gravity fed shelving



Medical Tubing

  • Various tubing used in many medical applications



Parking Meter Guard

  • Identifies different parking zones
  • Reduces parking meter theft




  • A plastic form used in precast concrete to create a channel for anchoring bolts

Roof Rack Protector

  • Attaches to commercial van racks to protect metal finishes and reduce rattles

Snow Mobile Trail Marker

  • Marks snowmobile trails
  • Highly visible
  • Reflective for night
  • Long lasting
  • Floats
  • Impact resistant



Shim Shock

  • Plastic shims used to align precast concrete walls

Traffic Baton

  • Used by airlines, parking lot staff, and emergency services to direct traffic
  • Available in both round and triangle



Warehouse Rack Identifiers

  • Versatile label holders to identify products on warehouse racks

Warehouse Rack Protector

  • Covers square metal posts on warehouse racks to identify racks and minimize product damage


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